Thank you to all those who supported this event by competing or sponsoring classes. Congratulations to the winners! Photos courtesy of Tungarra Photography.

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Last updated: 3 October, 2016
Morningside Hot Goss owned by the Lee Family
Amy Stewart Memorial Supreme Ridden Riding Pony

Willowcrest Dreams owned by A Willaims
Equinade Supreme Led Senior Riding Pony
KP Simply Exquisite owned by J Ivory
Silkwood Stud Supreme Led RPSBS Show Hack or Show Hunter
Wideacre Black Diamond owned by V Pisciotta
The Chippenham Stud Supreme Led Junior Riding Pony
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                                                                Thank you to everyone who attended the AMM on the 8th                                                                 May - it was a very successful and enjoyable day! 

                                                                Our representatives participating in the 2016 NPS UK                                                                               International Challenge Program were presented with their                                                                       Team Uniform. The uniforms were kindly donated by Horse                                                                       Deals.

                                                                Pictured left modelling their new uniforms are the Victorian                                                                       Representatives Indianna Shepheard and Brynie Lee. The                                                                       girls leave in July - good luck and enjoy!  

                                                                To read all the details of their upcoming trip and sponsors                                                                  - click here

                                                                Regular updates will be posted on their blog on Facebook
                                                                RPSBS 2016 Youth Squad UK Visit

Daisy Patch Soul Star owned by L Warburton
The Grand Parade Newcomer Final Champion
Sheldene Chicago owned by S Penny
Equinade Supreme Ridden RPSBS Show Hack or Show Hunter
Champion Show Pony Colt
Supreme Champion Riding Pony Foal
Westmore Spring Parade - J Roberts
Emyella Touch of Heaven owned by Archangel Riding Ponies
Supreme Ridden Riding Pony at the Equinade Riding Pony Summer Festival
Emyella Heavens Soprano owned by K Kouros
Supreme Led Riding Pony at the Equinade Riding Pony Summer Festival
Equinade Riding Pony Foal Show
Champion Show Pony Filly
Ascot Barbara Anne - M McGuire
Champion RPSBS Show Hack/Show Hunter
Glo-Book Exhibition - P Morath
Champion Show Hunter
Sundance Park Spring Gift - K Malloch